Lommel Proving Ground (LPG)

  • FORD Lommel Proving Ground (LPG for short) has been operational since 1965 and with its 100 km of test tracks it is one of the largest testing grounds in Europe.
  • The main activity of LPG is vehicle testing in the context of vehicle development. To do this, excellent driving skills coupled with the safest conditions are required.
  • The Proving Ground has its own experienced team that provides driver training, ranging from basic training to expert level.
  • Driving courses are given on modern test tracks allowing this to take place in the safest conditions. Until 2022, these driver training courses were only given within Ford.
  • From 2022, LPG also wants to offer its experience in driving skills training to companies with their own fleet or lease vehicles, as well as to private drivers. Tailor-made courses are available for drivers of passenger cars or vans.