The B2B modules are only accessible for groups of 3, 6 or 9 people. The modules for private drivers can be registered individually.

All the modules are scheduled by appointment. Each B2B driving course requires at least 6 participants before it can take place. Each driving course for individuals requires at least 3 participants before it can take place.

For each module it is stated what the required prior education is.

The combination of the use of a real test track, highly experienced instructors, state-of-the-art training equipment and the use of modern new training vehicles results in driver training of an exceptionally high level.

You are allowed to bring your mobile, but keep in mind that it can only be used during breaks. During the practical exercises, the use of a mobile phone is a dangerous distraction. For that reason, we prefer to avoid using the mobile phone. If you do bring it, please respect the rules of Lommel Proving Ground. It is prohibited to take pictures on the test tracks. If desired, the instructor team will take some photos for you and provide them to you after.

Safety is the #1 priority at Lommel Proving Ground. All exercises are performed in the safest conditions with the necessary clearance and with the help of the very experienced instructors.

The courses have been made Covid-safe by using sufficient training vehicles, a limitation on the number of occupants in a vehicle, use of intermediate screens, etc. Each participant must wear a mouth mask during the driver training and always stay 1.5 m away from others.

  • Applications for participation in a driver training should be made via the contact form on the website.
  • After confirmation by the organizer, you will receive a price quote and you will be scheduled for participation in the prescheduled training.
  • Payments for participation must be made in advance. Two weeks before the effective training date, the amount must be on the account of the organizer, otherwise the training will be canceled automatically.

In case of timely reported and proven force majeure, the training will be rebooked free of charge to a later date in mutual consultation.
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